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Tata Motors

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Tata Project

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Tata Motors is the largest automobile company in India with consolidated revenues of about 14 billion dollars in It is the country's market leader in the commercial vehicles segment and holds the third position in the passenger vehicle segment. FORE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT CORPORATE FINANCE Capital Structure in TATA Motors Course: PGDM Capital Structure in TATA Motors Corporate Finance ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The preparation of this project report was a multi-staged process and each stage involved contributions from various individuals and resources.

The main objectives of the project are to know the history and performance of the company,financial performance of the company, the market performance, awareness regarding the facilities provided by Tata Motors, Overall opinion about Tata Motors, Satisfaction amongst the customers of Tata Motors.

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View Full Essay. TATA Motors. International Business Term Paper. March 31, This written project is an analysis of the international business expansion of Tata Motors, it is recommended that Tata Motors continue its.

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Chobe. • Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Kanpur. • Joined Tata Motors.

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