Obesity fat people lack self control essay

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Obesity, Motivation & Self Control

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Obesity Essay

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Lack of Self Control Overweight people show a huge lack of self control. The main reason people are fat and overweight is because they lack the discipline to. But that same self-indulgence may also be helping to drive children to obesity. That's the conclusion of a group of researchers who studied the relationship between self-control and weight gain in youngsters enrolled in a government study.

The obesity crisis is largely down to environmental factors, not a lack of self-control from the overweight, according to the Government's top adviser on the problem. Some people just have worse self-control that others. When talking about poor self-control and other psychological aspects of eating, we must familiarize ourselves with three distinct behaviors which can lead to obesity in people, despite efforts to eat healthy.

Does Poor Self-Control Lead to Obesity? Obesity fat people lack self control essay
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Kids Who Lack Self-Control More Prone to Obesity Later - TIME