Essay effects of blood cancer

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400 words descriptive essay on Cancer

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Blood is vital and the importance is acknowledged as donations have increased to help those with cancer, blood diseases, blood loss, other types of illnesses and medical research.

However, blood donated holds the chance of harbouring diseases such as HIV, viruses and pathogens. Here we discuss the risk of second cancers that may be linked to past cancer treatment. Tools to Monitor Treatment These worksheets (in PDF format) can help you keep track of your side effects and medications so that you can better communicate with your health care team about them.

Kidney infections or pyelonephritis are varieties and types of infections that involve the urinary tract. Symptoms of kidney infection include abdominal and/or back pain, painful urination, fever, nausea, and vomiting. Kidney infections can be cured with antibiotics. Leukemia, a word that means white blood, is a form of cancer that affects exactly what its name says; the white blood cells in your body.

There are many different types of leukemia; some types are more common in adults, while some types are found mainly in children. Leukemia can range in severity and can affect people of all ages. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow.

Bone marrow produces blood cells. Leukemia can happen when there is a problem with the production of blood cells. It usually affects the leukocytes, or white blood cells. It is most likely to affect people over the age of 55 years, but it is also the most common cancer in those aged under 15 years.

Prostate cancer screening may help detect prostate cancer, but remains controversial as it has not been shown to reduce deaths from prostate cancer. Learn more about prostate cancer screening, including the potential benefits and harms, in this expert-reviewed information summary.

Essay effects of blood cancer
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Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment