Drug addiction as a psychobiological process essay

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Drug Addiction as a Psychobiological Process

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To view all courses (opens new window) ANTHROPOLOGY G – 3 Units Course Outline Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Advisories: English G An introduction to the theories, methods, and applications of anthropological inquiry. Essay about Drug Addiction as a Disease - Drug abuse and addiction are issues that affect people everywhere.

However, these issues are usually treated as criminal activity rather than issues of public health.

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There is a conflict over whether addiction related to drug abuse is a disease or a choice. An introductory survey of the methods and findings of modern scientific psychology.

The following topics will be covered: history and methodology, biological psychology, sensation and perception, learning and motivation, verbal and cognitive processes, developmental psychology, social psychology, individual differences (intelligence and personality), and clinical psychology.

The process of drug rehabilitation is an important agenda for the National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA) in Malaysia. Various efforts have been taken to aid NADA in treating drug addicts.

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The Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology - extended version